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Μονόροφα μεταλλικά κτίρια

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Μονώροφα μεταλλικά κτίρια.

Single-Storey Steel Buildings:


The 11 parts in the Single-Storey Steel Buildings guide are:


Part 1: Architect’s guide

Part 2: Concept design

Part 3: Actions

Part 4: Detailed design of portal frames

Part 5: Detailed design of trusses

Part 6: Detailed design of built up columns

Part 7: Fire engineering

Part 8: Building envelope

Part 9: Introduction to computer software

Part 10: Model construction specification

Part 11: Moment connections


Single-Storey Steel Buildings is one of two design guides. The second design guide is Multi-Storey Steel Buildings.

The two design guides have been produced in the framework of the European project “Facilitating the market development for sections in industrial halls and low rise buildings (SECHALO) RFS2-CT-2008-0030”.

The design guides have been prepared under the direction of Arcelor Mittal, Peiner Träger and Corus. The technical content has been prepared by CTICM and SCI, collaborating as the Steel Alliance.

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